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​​Bloomfield Capital is a collective of global equity partners driven to build a better tomorrow. Through our involvement in various innovative development projects across the world, we consistently pursue our belief in and passion for building environmentally ethical communities and ecosystems. With a strong foundation in Property and Finance and an extensive history of structuring holistic solutions for new development operations, we have an intimate knowledge of strata establishment, pre- and post-construction services. As investment strategists, we want to use our influence to make a positive difference to individuals and to the world. By utilising our process-driven internal culture and aligning ourselves with purposeful organisations, we are able to expertly strategise action points to bring life to worthwhile projects and causes.

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With seemingly no end in sight for the current global health and financial crisis, it is no surprise that many potential property development projects have gone awry at best or ground to a halt at worst. As seasoned investment strategists with years of experience...

Has Your Property Development Come to a Halt Due to Covid19? You Need to Read This.


How to get your Long-Term Project Unstuck

Within the property development industry, it isn’t uncommon for a project to continue past its initial timeline. In some cases, these timelines can extend for months or years. But in the case of a recent client of ours, their project timeline was exceeded by decades...