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At Bloomfield Capital, we empower a collective of purposeful brands, driven to create positive impacts in their respective fields and make a meaningful difference to the world.


Bloomfield Technologies, also known as Bloomfield Tech is a workplace health and wellbeing company with the aim to help organisations build a stronger framework of wellbeing in the workplace using innovative technology. We aim to provide immediate health support and education to employees to allow them to work more effectively within the workplace and to support their wellbeing journeys.



Bloomfield Capital is an investor and partner of Consolidated Tin Mines (CSD, the Company) to help the Company grow its base metal and gold business. CSD was established as a tin exploration and development company, which initially focused on the Company’s tin bearing Mount Garnet Project in Far North Queensland but is now driven to expand operations across other mining sites and building a strong pipeline of key exploration tenures.


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At Bloomfield Hotels, we are driven to create extraordinary experiences. As the world’s first immersive experience hotel we are passionate about setting new standards of luxury while doing our part to empower the larger community. Our goal is to inspire refined revelry and awaken the creative soul that lives within each and everyone of us. In doing so we hope to create a new calibre of luxury hospitality not yet been in this industry. One that works symbiotically with local creative communities to imagine and realise experiences for our guests that evolve continuously.

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At Bloomfield Lands, we are driven to build a better tomorrow. Understanding the needs of modern living, we create our communities with wellness and sustainability in mind. We focus on providing homes that are simply better. Better environments for people and better solutions for the planet. Our communities will be designed by the award-winning Melbourne Design Studios. Using their renowned Passivhaus approach, we aim to build self-sustaining, net-zero waste homes fit with the luxuries and amenities of modern-day life.

Bloomfield Lands are pioneers of a new way of living. Empowering a lifestyle that is considerate of our impact on the world and that takes steps to actively improve it.


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The Australian Management Rights Advisory is the result of an evolution that began when its founder, Thor Bloomfield, was the sole Director of MTB Australia, an Owners Corporation management business. MTB Australia specialised in the management of new strata developments in Victoria and Queensland.

During this time, a Melbourne developer wanted to implement the concept of Management Rights in his 81 Lot development in Clayton. As Management Rights were mostly unheard of in Melbourne and Thor had no experience in such dealings, he embraced the challenge and travelled to Queensland to learn everything he could about the Management Rights concept.